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Dallas Cowboys Vinyl Decal

Cowboys fans are you ready, if so, show your pride with the “STAR” vinyl decal sticker. Because the die-cut decal is made of high quality outdoor vinyl, it is made to withstand the Florida sun for up to 10 years. America’s Team Vinyl Decal can be placed on glass windows, wood, plastics, boats, mailboxes, just about anywhere, but not underwater.

Other uses include car windows, trucks, laptops, campers, boats, corn hole boards, school lockers, football and basketball parties, etc.

FREE 6″ Decal with purchase of the 22″ decal!
Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team Vinyl Decal, America’s Team sticker/decal
Cowboys Football, NFL FOOTBALL


A Dallas Cowboys vinyl decal is a sticker or adhesive graphic featuring the logo or emblem of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team. Vinyl decals are a popular way for fans to show their support for the team and display their fandom on a variety of surfaces, such as car windows, laptops, water bottles, and more.

They are made of a durable vinyl material therefore, they can withstand weather and outdoor elements, making them a long-lasting option for outdoor use. You can find Dallas Cowboys vinyl decals in a range of sizes and or colors

Custom sizes and colors available, our listing may show a lower quantity then you need, if so, just ask, we have it!

Decal is die-cut, only the white showing in the graphic is part of the decal, background color is for illustration purposes and is not part of the decal.

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Dallas Cowboys

Applying Vinyl Decals

  • 1. Clean surface with glass cleaner if applying to glass, metal, plastic, etc. Make sure surface is free from dust or any other objects that may effect the vinyl's ability to stick and lay properly.
  • 2. If you have a squeegee, proceed to step 3. Otherwise, you can use a credit card with paper towel folded around the credit card to use instead.
  • 3. Add dish soap to water in a spray bottle, be generous with the soap.
  • 4. Spray surface with soapy water.
  • 5. Remove decal backing away from transfer tape and decal.
  • 6. Spray back of decal with soapy water
  • 7. Spray surface again.
  • 8. Apply decal to surface.
  • 9. Once decal is in correct position, carefully squeegee the remaining water from the transfer tape/decal.
  • 10. Allow transfer tape to dry completely, then carefully peel away transfer tape from surface.

Dallas Cowboys – America’s Team Vinyl Decal

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White, Black, Gold, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Orange, Dark Green, Red


6", 8", 12", 16", 22"