The History of StikIt Decals

Stikit, the story behind the fun!

Our story began in about 1994 when I was working for a company that needed promotional t-shirts. I began working with a small start up t-shirt company designing t-shirts for my employer. I began to take notice in package design and billboards among other things. And so I started to design flyers for my employer too. The learning curve was an unforgiven sequence that pushed me to design school.

By the late 1990’s I attended college and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. From there I joined a national entertainment company and worked on various projects including Marketing, layout & Design, Web Development, etc. From that experience, I learned the value of fan loyalty to each fans’ beloved team, regardless of the sport. From a community standpoint, this is a great accomplishment and has a unique ability to unite all fans in their respective communities.

All through out the 2000’s I worked in all types of media whether it was Graphic Design, Web Development, Signage Installations, Window Tinting or even Fine Art opportunities. I have learned from all these experiences. Which has brought Stikit to the point of allowing others to share in the love of being a fan. We want to help you tag your favorite rooms, autos, laptops, etc with the best quality vinyl decal around. We want to be able to capitalize on the DIY industry and help our customers achieve custom results for their home or business.

All the Best,
Team Stikit!